Sunday, January 16, 2011

The John Cate Band "on fire" at Vincent's

I don’t know if it’s just the magic of the place and my expectation that the music will not disappoint whenever I stop by one of my favorite haunts in Worcester, Vincent’s.  I can tell the second I walk through the door,  I’m going to like this band.  This was my second time hearing them and I got caught up in whatever the band and the audience was feeling͟͟͟͟ almost instantly. Everyone was cheering, moving, smiling and generally loving the music.  The musicians were caught up in the energy and enthusiasm of the moment as well. 
I spoke to John Cate briefly between songs and he was humble (pretty good for an Aries!) despite the fact that he has written over 300 songs and has been the leader of this band for 15 years accompanied by the electric guitar player, Paul Candilore.  The other players, Steve Latt on pedal steel guitar and violin was mesmerizing and  drummer Andy Plaisted and bass player Clayton Young kept things in stride.
These guys have an impressive history but this is just a blog—by definition, quick impressions.   I love that their the name of the band is John Cate and the Van Gogh Brothers, referring to John and Paul, original band members and co-producers,  “each with one good ear,” according to them.
One song was so compelling, you could tell͟͟----the band was on fire.  Literally.   Smoke started to appear behind the drummer and they had to stop. Seriously.  People loved it. 

The band has quite a following too.  In the short time I was there, I spoke to two different groups of people:  One couple had travelled from Cambridge to hear them, remarking that this was a big stage compared to another venue they’ve frequented in Cambridge, the Toad.  (Now that’s small.) The other couple said they’ve been following the band for years, attending at least 40 concerts to date.  That’s what I call devoted fans.  I'm looking forward to hearing more!

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  1. All the years I've been going to/playing at Vincent's and I've never seen John. Hmm, I had no idea Andy was drumming for him, we've played a few gigs together and he's a lot of fun on and off stage.